The only way in which an IPP/LIFER can be released, or transferred to open conditions by the Parole Board, is via an Oral Hearing. In some cases DCR (1991 Act) parole reviews and recall reviews are also dealt with by way of an Oral Hearing.

Prisoners are entitled to legal representation at these hearings and in most cases (all but pre tariff) prisoners are entitled to Legal Aid.

It is essential that the prisoner is prepared for the Hearing to ensure that they present their cases in the best possible way. Some prisoners have been “knocked back” by the Parole Board simply because they were not prepared for the hearing.

How we can help

We will attend upon our client before the hearing, as often as is necessary, to advise them in relation to the evidence and procedure of the hearing. We will also attend to represent our clients (in person) at their Oral Hearings in order to ensure that clients give the best possible evidence and that the professional witnesses are cross-examined.