Need a ship out?

There are many reasons why a prisoner might want to move to a different prison; to be closer to their family, to do courses, for their own safety even!

It can be a battle trying to get moved on your own, especially if you want to move to a different part of the Country. However we can help by identifying an appropriate alternative prisons and liaising with the Allocations Office and with Population Management in order to secure a transfer for you.

Transfers are no longer funded by Legal Aid, however for a low, one off, fixed fee we can help! Call us today and our prison lawyers will be happy to speak to you or your family.

For a no-obligation discussion about your case please contact Joanne Davidson, Head of our Prison Law department on 0800 1444 111, or email her at Alternatively, please complete our online form and one of our Prisons solicitors will be in touch within 24 hours.

Contact us today on 0800 1 444 111