Our adjudication solicitors are here to help prisoners who are charged with offences against prison rules, if found guilty they can be punished with added days (additional days which will be served in full before the prisoner will be released).

Prisoner’s charged with serious offences against prison rules will be placed before the Independent Adjudicator, who is a District Judge, who attends at the prison to deal with adjudication hearings . These hearings are similar to Magistrates Court trials and as such prisoners are entitled to be legally represented and they are entitled to Legal Aid.

What our Adjudication Solicitors do

Once a prisoner has been charged with an offence he/she will be placed before the Governor who will refer the charge to the Independent Adjudicator. The hearing is therefore adjourned and the prisoner should contact us immediately so that we can arrange to attend and represent them before the Independent Adjudicator.

We will arrange to attend in order to advise the client in relation to the evidence, plea and procedure prior to the hearing and thereafter. We will attend, in person, to represent clients before the Independent Adjudicator.