Supermarket compensation is paid out every day. Just as the owners of public and commercial property have a duty of care to ensure your safety, so do owners of shops, supermarkets and shopping centres. Our dedicated No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers have advised and assisted thousands of people who have suffered as a result of a slip, trip or fall in a shop or supermarket. Thousands of people visit shopping centres and supermarkets every day and often do so with their families and children. Suffering an injury from a slip, trip or fall in a supermarket or shopping centre can have serious and lasting physical consequences.

The injuries that we tend to deal with mostly arise from the following types of situation:

  • Slipping on spillages that have not been properly cleaned away
  • Being struck by an item falling from a shelf
  • Tripping over products or packaging that have been left on the floor

If you or someone you know would like to speak to us, entirely in confidence, about any of these issues then please call our head of negligence Michael Shaw on 0800 1 444 111 or email him at . Alternatively you can use the enquiry form situated on this page.