Do you deserve compensation from your hotel? CM Solicitors are injury compensation lawyers who can help if you have had an accident at an hotel which resulted in personal injury. CM Solicitors have years of experience in securing compensation for people who have been injured as a result of poorly maintained premises, homes or land.

Unfortunately, many accidents happen as a result of hazardous premises, and it is the responsibility of the occupier of the premises to ensure that it is safe. The occupier is the person or company which has control over it, and it is not always therefore the owner of the premises. For example a business which has let premises, will be the occupier and not the actual owner.

If you have visited premises, such as a hotel, and you have been injured and it was not your fault you can make a compensation claim against the company, council or individual who is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the place you were in.

If you have fallen on public or private property and injured yourself through no fault of your own, call our No Win No Fee personal injury team today and see if you can make a compensation claim.

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