We are the among the top claimant solicitors in the country and we aim to make your claims process as swift as possible. Different claims take different amounts of time depending on the complexities of the injury, the accident and availability of witnesses but whatever the case we have top solicitors who have experience at all levels of litigation and who understand your desire to conclude matters as swiftly as possible.

If the defendant does not admit liability then it may be necessary to go to court to prove your case. Currently this happens in less than 2 out of every 100 cases that we take on.


The Claims Process: Receive instruction, Asses Clam, Accept Claim, Letter to Defendant, Evidence, Liability, Submit evidence, Negotiation

Injury Claim, are you eligible?

All information you provide will be passed onto our specialist solicitor within this area, Michael Shaw who will asses the information you have provided, free of charge and be in contact within 24 hours.

All information you provide is confidential and will not be passed on to any third parties or sold for marketing purposes.  

Can you Claim?

If you need more information about the claims process or if you want to speak to us, entirely in confidence, about an injury you have suffered or if you just want to see if you can make a claim then then please call our head of negligence Michael Shaw on 0800 1 444 111 or email him at michaelshaw@cmsolicitors.co.uk. Alternatively you can use the enquiry form situated at the side.