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The NHS is one of the largest organisations in the world. The vast majority of the time it provides an excellent service free to those who need it. Hospitals and staff will aim to make you feel at ease and a offer you a place where you feel that you are in ‘safe hands’. Despite the best of intentions treatments may not always go to plan and the consequences can sometimes be life changing.

CM Solicitors offers no win, no fee compensation claims for hospital negligence whether you’ve been treated by the NHS or privately.


Common Hospital Negligence mistakes are:

Surgical Errors

Every surgical procedure carries risks but some outcomes are not what you would expect and may have happened as a result of poor or substandard performance by your surgeon. If you have suffered injury or an outcome outside of what is to be expected from your surgery, or the risks were not explained to you, it may be that you have grounds and just cause for making a claim for negligence. Get in touch and we’ll help you.

Failed Sterilisation

When parents decide their family is complete, they may choose sterilisation to ensure they don’t have any more children. A family can be placed under immense stress if subsequently a further pregnancy forces that family into a decision they don’t want to take or to change their lives dramatically to accommodate an unexpected extra family member. If you had a sterilisation procedure and became pregnant within 12 months of the procedure you should contact one of our legally trained advisers immediately.

Anaesthetic Errors

Anaesthetists can make errors during an operation which can often result in a terrifying experience for the patient and in more rare circumstances, brain damage, a stroke or other serious injury. An anaesthetic error can be extremely traumatic and can cause not only pain, but sometimes a disability. It is not unknown for anaesthetic to be injected by mistake into a patient’s spinal cord leading to nerve damage, severe pain and disability.

Having an operation and going into hospital can be upsetting enough for a patient and suffering as a result of an anaesthetic error can cause extra distress. If this has happened to you or a loved one, get in touch and we’ll help you.

Birth Injury

Pregnancy and childbirth must be the biggest milestones in anyone’s life and obviously it can be an emotional time. Unfortunately, we sometimes don’t receive the level of medical care we expect. An injury to a child or mother during labour can be devastating and in many cases life changing. Our medical negligence solicitors are experienced in birth injury claims in relation to both mothers and babies.

Errors in medication or prescription

Errors in medication are commonly made by GP’s, Hospitals or your Chemist. The majority of medication errors cause harm for a short period of time however some can result in serious injury. Commonly, mistakes occur when a clinician or other medical professional writes the wrong letter or the wrong amount on a prescription or chart or when a pharmacist gives you the wrong type or the wrong dose of medication.