If a solicitor represented you in court and you were convicted of a driving offence and have subsequently faced a driving ban, CM’s motoring solicitors are here to help. Our dedicated team will analyse the facts of your case and if there is anything that we believe has been missed you may be able to appeal your driving ban.

How do I appeal a Driving Ban?

If you wish to appeal a driving ban, the application must be made within 21 days of your conviction. It is essential to contact our driving offence solicitors at the earliest possible point so that we can build the strongest case for you.

Our motoring solicitors will provide you with honest advice and we will undertake a full investigation of your conviction and case. CM Solicitors have excellent ties with some of the best barristers in the country and should we advise you to take the matter to court, we will handpick the most suitable barrister for your driving ban appeal.

Can I drive if I appeal my Driving Ban?

If we can believe that an appeal can be lodged, we will request that the courts lift the driving ban during the time of the appeal as the circumstances of the ban could be deemed unfair.

For a no-obligation discussion about your case please contact David Seligman on 0800 1444 111, or email him at davidseligman@cmsolicitors.co.uk. Alternatively, please complete our online form and one of our criminal defence lawyers will be in touch with you within 24 hours.