Fraud cases can be long and protracted, sometimes over a number of years. Here at CM Solicitors, we understand the difficulties and distress this may have on your personal life and professional career.

We offer you support throughout investigations, which may prove invaluable should your case reach court proceedings.


How can we help with your fraud and regulatory case?

Our experience in this field helps us to provide a stellar service, which incorporates a legal defence team from different disciplines.   This may involve specialist forensic accountants, expert technology analysts to foreign lawyers, where the case spans over into other international jurisdictions.


Handling international jurisdictions

With our strong relationships with lawyers in the Netherlands, Spain, and France, we are also able to assist with proceedings overseas.

Our Lawyers have vast amounts of experience in dealing with cases which have crossed into foreign jurisdictions and are able to advise and act for individuals and companies who have criminal proceedings brought against them in foreign jurisdictions.

CM Solicitors also have a wealth of knowledge dealing with Extradition cases and Human Rights cases.

CM Solicitors are members of the VHCC panel which enables us to act for our clients, from the very beginning of the investigation, through to court proceedings in the most serious fraud cases.


Please visit the below pages to find out more about our fraud and regulatory law services:


Boiler Room Fraud

Corporate Manslaughter

Money Laundering

MTIC Carousel Fraud

Ponzi Schemes

Tax Fraud


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