It is estimated that around half of the entire population has a social media presence of some kind ( The same statistical analysts stated that there were somewhere between 30 and 33 million Facebook accounts by the beginning of 2015. At the same time Twitter accounts are estimated to be a chosen social media for somewhere between 12 and 15 million of us in the UK.

Mercifully most of us on social media platforms, like in life generally will rarely experience harassment or bullying but sadly it does happen. So what can you do when someone targets you on social media? How can you stop someone from harassing or bullying you and once you have stopped them how do you ensure it they can’t do it again? How can you be compensated for any damage or loss caused by such actions?

Stop it from happening

  1. Do not respond
  2. Do mute or block them
  3. Do report them to the platform moderators
  4. Do keep a record using screen shots and post links.
  5. Speak to CM Solicitors about possible legal action to

Stop it being repeated, Get Compensation, How we can help

CM can help you combat libellous posts, cyber bullying and harassment in a simple staged process.

  1. Identify the perpetrator by writing to the platform provider in question and if necessary applying for a court order obliging them to hand over the contact details of the individual responsible.
  2. Writing to the perpetrator and if necessary applying for an injunction which will oblige them and even persons as yet unidentified to desist from their activities or to prevent them from beginning such activities again at some point in the future.
  3. Apply for a permanent order as part of a court action to desist the activity and
  4. Take action in the courts against the perpetrator to force them to pay damages, apologise or in some other way compensate you for any loss of reputation or income or personal injury occuring as a result of their behaviour.

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