There are mounting concerns in the personal injury industry that the costs pressures that have been place on it by legal reforms and the age of factory claims houses has lead to a large volume of undersettled cases. Undersettling is a legal industry term for obtaining and delivering a settlement for a client and advising a client to accept an offer which is substantially below that which the claim is worth.

It is not always obvious to the non-professional solicitor when a case has been settled for less. That’s why for your personal injury or clinical negligence case you should hire a top solicitor like Carter Moore rather than going to a big firm with hundreds of lawyers where you and your claim may be in danger of being reduced to nothing more than a reference or file number.

There are a number of potential scenario’s which can lead to undersettling a claim;

  1. Failing to assess the proper medical requirements when first meeting the client through
  2. Failing to assess the loss of earnings
  3. Failing to assess other serious financial losses
  4. Failing to adequately review medical evidence and instruct the correct or relevant experts
  5. Missing important litigation dates leading to a failed case or reduced settlement

By and large these situations come about as a result of the following issues which usually stem directly from management cost cutting.

  1. Failing to listen to the client properly,
  2. Inadequate experience of similar medical conditions
  3. Limited experience as a Personal Injury Solicitor generally

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