Sadly, compensation claims resulting from GP negligence, make up an ever increasing portion of our work. When we are feeling unwell or something has changed in our bodies, we seek medical advice which normally starts with our GP. In doing this, we place a lot of trust in our doctors’ practices. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes can happen and your condition ends up worse and you end up in more pain or stress.

CM offers a no win, no fee compensation claim service for GP Negligence. Whether you’ve been treated by the NHS or privately, you could be entitled to compensation. Get in touch and we’ll help you.

Our medical negligence solicitors understand that these situations are often distressing. Don’t worry, we have talked to and helped hundreds of people in a similar situation to yours over the years.

Contact them for a free consultation on 08001 444 111 or complete the online contact form and they’ll be touch within 48 hours, to give you peace of mind.


Common GP Negligence mistakes are:

  • Failing to refer you for symptoms which may indicate cancer or acute conditions.
  • Administrative errors such as failing to send your referral
  • Providing the incorrect prescription or medication
  • Anaesthetic errors such as providing the incorrect injection
  • Failed to spot eye complaints which should have been referred to a specialist
  • Excessive burns from Wart removals
  • Misdiagnosis leading to worse outcome or further injuries.



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