CM Solicitors have administered a number of firework injury claims over the years. Obviously fireworks are known to be dangerous but compensation is still accessible to those who have attended a negligently run firework display or suffered injury because a firework has been manufactured incorrectly.

Most fireworks are manufactured abroad these days and where they have been shown to be faulty and made outside the European Union (such as China) it will usually be necessary to seek compensation from the importer that has the trading relationship with the manufacturer.

Case Study

Mr H came to us in the Winter of 2011 shortly after 5th November. Every year he had purchased one or two high value, quality fireworks from his local reputable dealer in order to watch them with his family in the comfort of his own back garden… more

Mr H said of CM Solicitors . . .

“I cannot rate this company any higher. Mike and his team were always there, not just advising on an extremely complex case but also helping with all the other problems that arrive after an accident like talking to the mortgage company. Mike negotiated an interim payment so that I did not lose my house, he spoke directly to my employer to arrange flexible working hours. Mike and his team quickly arranged for me to be seen by specialist medical personnel. He personally attended my Joint Settlement Meeting and from the outset gave honest realistic advice on how much he thought the claim was worth. He got it pretty much spot on. Ten out of ten”

If you have had an accident as a result of any of the above, in the past three years, then you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Your injuries
  • Your lost income, both past and future
  • Damage to your property, clothing etc.
  • Other losses you may suffer as a result of the accident such as treatment cost, prescription charges etc.

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