CM Solicitors have years of experience in securing compensation for all those who have been injured as a result of an accident or treatment that was not their fault. Call us if you need to talk to experts in faulty sunbed claims. Nine out of 10 sunbeds in England fail to meet British and European safety standards, research in the British Journal of Dermatology suggests. .

The levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by 400 sunbeds were on average two times higher than recommended limits, the study found. Researchers warn the number of skin cancers may increase if stricter controls are not put in place. Regulation on sunbeds came into force in 2009, but researchers suggest stricter control measures are required to prevent an increase in the number of skin cancers.

Gary Lipman, chairman of the Sunbed Association says;

“Sun bed users should check with their salon that the sun bed is 0.3 compliant – that means its UV emission levels are guaranteed to be no higher than the midday Mediterranean sun.”

CM Solicitors have handled a number of claims on behalf of those who have been injured as a result of faulty or negligently operated sunbeds. We have also secured damages for personal injury as a result of other types of product liability accidents.

If you have had an accident as a result of any of the above, in the past three years, then you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Your injuries
  • Your lost income, both past and future
  • Damage to your property, clothing etc.
  • Other losses you may suffer as a result of the accident such as treatment cost, prescription charges etc.

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