Andrew provides expert representation to clients charged with serious criminal offences, from the first interview at the police station through to trial before magistrates and the Crown Courts. He provides tactical advice and prepares all aspects of the defence case for trial, from analysing the prosecution case to the instruction of Counsel and expert witnesses. He has vast experience of defending organised crime involving serious drugs offences (importation, possession, supply, and conspiracy to supply Class A, B and C drugs); murder and serious assault; rape; theft; robbery; arson; forgery and fraud offences; firearms offences; money laundering (converting, transferring or dealing with criminal property); and confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act (both civil and criminal). He regularly represents clients charged with motoring offences and presents submissions of special reasons not to endorse, and pleas of exceptional hardship.

* Police station accreditation – University of Cardiff (2006)
* Magistrates’ Court CLAS Qualification – University of Cardiff (2006)
* Court duty solicitor accreditation – University of Cardiff (2006)
* Higher Rights Advocate – Solicitors Regulation Authority (June 2010)
* Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme – Law Society (November 2012)​


R v P.S (and others) (1999) – Operation Black; Merseyside Major Crime Unit operation, targeted against Jason and Ian Fitzgibbon. Investigation into large scale heroin and cocaine distribution. Described as “one of the biggest operations ever mounted by Merseyside police.”

R v J.S.B (and others) (2000) – Leicestershire Police investigation into firearm offences, kidnap and the arson of DK Dyers factory with ensuing insurance claim in excess of £1m.

R v T.S.H (and others) (2003) – Operation Trolley. Leicestershire Police Special Operations Unit investigation into multi-million pound drugs and fraud ring. Described as “one of Britain’s biggest drugs barons.” Linked to Scottish DEA investigation and Heathrow Express credit card fraud.

R v A.E (and others) (2010) – Operation Magnum. Cumbria Police Serious and Organised Crime Unit, investigation lasting over 3 years into the supply of Class A and B controlled drugs and money laundering by organised crime ring. Acquitted on direction of trial judge in trial 1. Prosecution appealed and acquitted by jury following re-trial.

R v A.C (and others) (2011) – Operation Confection 2. Serious Organised Crime Agency investigation into multi-million pound cocaine smuggling ring. Acquitted on judicial direction following the appointment of Special Counsel, exposing unfairness by SOCA in the disclosure process.

R v B.T (and others) (2013) – Operation Felsic. Led Junior at trial. North Yorkshire Police’s Organised Crime Unit investigation into two Organised Crime Groups operating across the North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire areas.

R v I.H (and others) (2013) – Operation Redbank. North West Regional Organised Crime Unit investigation into North West based Organised Crime Group involved in the importation and distribution of more than £15 million of heroin and cocaine into the UK from France. Sole defendant of 19 acquitted after trial.

R v H (2014) – successful defence of a student charged with s.18 wounding.
R v S.C (and others) (2016) – defence in drug-related murder. Bilta (in liquidation) (and ors) v SVS Plc – defence in High Court to £70m missing trader carbon credit fraud.

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