The Bolton News recently revealed shocking figures that 66 motorists in the Bolton area were still allowed to drive even though they had 12 or more penalty points on their licence.

Julie Hilling, Bolton West MP, told Justice Secretary Ken Clarke about these figures and went on to say that over 10,000 motorists across the UK were also still driving despite having 12 or more penalty points. Mr Clarke has now said he will investigate dangerous drivers after these alarming figures were revealed to him.

Many of those driving with 12 or more penalty points are repeat offenders, committing speeding offences and driving without insurance. The most alarming case was that of a motorist who has 21 penalty points, with others having totted up to 19 points for speeding, driving without insurance, using a mobile phone whilst driving and careless driving.

Ms Hilling stated that she was pleased the Justice Secretary will be looking into the problem as dangerous driving is a serious issue up and down the country, with repeat offenders being the main culprits.

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