Drink driving offences have risen in motorists under the age of 25, latest statistics have shown. Young motorists who have tested positive for drink driving or who refused to take a breathalyser test has risen by 15% over the last year.

Road safety groups have said that they believe this is due to the cuts that have been made in anti drink drive campaigns, with the budget being dramatically reduced from £3.4million last year to just £550,000 this year.

The number of motorists caught drink driving has reduced overall but this is due to a decrease in the number of breathalyser tests being carried out by the police. However, those who have refused to take a breath test or whose test came back positive for drink driving has increased by more than 8% since 2009. A spokesperson from the RAC has said the rise in young drivers caught drink driving is extremely worrying with 23% of those under the age of 25 admitting that they have driven whilst knowing they were over the legal limit. The RAC believes this rise is due to Government cuts for road safety campaigns.

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