Carter Moore Solicitors are delighted to announce the appointment of John Hera as the Head of our POCA department.

John brings with him a wealth of experience in dealing with Proceeds of Crime cases.

Since qualifying as a solicitor in 2009, John has worked on hundreds of POCA cases; some involving multi-million pound sums. He has been successful in reducing his client’s overall benefit figures by many millions over the years. In one case alone the client’s benefit figure was reduced by over £1.75 million; a fantastic result when the client was facing a £1.8 million confiscation order.

John has also successfully defended numerous enforcement proceedings against clients in the Magistrates Court, and has vast experience in dealing with the full range of ancillary proceedings such as applications and Section 11, Section 23 and Section 22.

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Telephone: 0800 1 444 111