Two Strike Lifer Freed from Jail after 20 plus years

Our Jo Davidson recently achieved a fantastic result for one of our Prison Law clients. Mr D was serving a life sentence for a Section 18 wounding that was committed when he was in his early 20s. Because it was his second offence he was sentenced to a ‘two strike’ life sentence. The tariff was set at just 18 months but he remained in prison for over 20 years.

Previous Solicitors Failed to Secure Release

Mr D had been with his previous prison law solicitors for over 20 years, however they never managed to secure his release. After bringing his parole case to Jo Davidson, on her first attempt, and after Mr D had spent over 20 years in jail, she was successful in securing his release.

We fought tirelessly to secure his release

Prior to Jo taking on Mr D’s case no-one involved in the parole process had made a recommendation for release. Jo instructed her independent psychologist who visited him in prison, assessed him and ultimately recommended that he should be released. Jo presented the psychologist’s findings, along with her own detailed submissions, to the Parole Board hearing. Despite objections from probation and the prison psychologist the Parole Board agreed with Jo and released him from closed conditions.

One very happy client!

Needless to say the client was delighted with this result and has vowed to recommend Jo Davidson and Carter Moore to anyone who needs help.

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