Businessman charged with making threats to kill

Our Rachel Conboy recently achieved a great result for one of our clients. Mr M was a businessman who had previously been convicted of fraud offences for which he was serving a sentence.  His frustrations had led him to send a misguided letter to the judge and prosecutor in his previous case. He was then charged with further offences of making threats to kill and threats to take revenge.

Change of Solicitor

His previous solicitors advised him he would be looking at a further three and a half years being added to his sentence. He was already unhappy with his solicitors, and didn’t feel they were fighting his corner, and so he transferred his legal aid and his case to us.

We were able to secure a discontinuance from the CPS on the most serious charge of making threats to kill. After assessing the case for the other offences, we advised him that he could potentially be looking at around two to two and a half years. However we committed to appealing anything more than this.

Great Sentence Result

During his sentencing hearing we put forward strong mitigation on our client’s behalf. After considering our submissions, the judge accepted much of his mitigation and sentenced him to only 58 weeks. This is a low sentence for such serious offences. Needless to say Mr M was delighted with the result.

Appeal and Confiscation Proceedings

Following this great result our appeals department are now looking to appeal his original conviction for fraud. Our POCA department is also dealing with his confiscation proceedings.

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