Employment Law for Employees

Employment Law for Employees

Carter Moore has specialist employment solicitors, based in Manchester and London, that have helped and assisted hundreds of employees who have had a work related problem. Our employment lawyers can provide you with legal advice and assistance and we will guide you through the legal process. For your no obligation initial consultation to discuss your issues, please call 0800 1 444 111 today. Alternatively, please complete our enquiry form and one of our employment law solicitors will be in touch with you shortly.

Our team of highly experience employment solicitors based in our Manchester, Chorlton and London offices are dedicated to providing prompt and practical advice to all employees. We understand how stressful a problem in the workplace can be and we approach every case and person as an individual. Whether your issue is unfair dismissal, discrimination claim or you need representation at an Employment Tribunal, Carter Moore employment solicitors are here to help.

If you believe you have an employment compensation claim, the next step is usually to go to an Employment Tribunal. You must make an application for this in writing within three months of your dismissal or, in the case of discrimination, three months from the last discriminatory act.

There are three types of claims that can be brought in employment law:

Unfair Dismissal Claims

An unfair dismissal case arises if you have been dismissed and your employer has failed to provide any evidentiary backing to your termination.

Constructive Dismissal Claims

If you feel that you can no longer work at your current job due to your employer making it too difficult for you to work there or they have breached a term of your contract, this is constructive dismissal.

Discrimination at Work Claims

Discrimination in the workplace can affect the victim psychologically and physically. It can be an extremely stressful and distressing time for the person affected which is why Carter Moore Solicitors will deal with you gently and with the utmost confidence. Whether you have been discriminated against because of your race, religion, sex or sexual orientation to name a few, speak to our lawyers today.

Employment law cases can be extremely complex and specialist advice is needed to ensure you get the results you deserve. Contact our team today on 0800 1 444 111 to begin your employment law compensation claim. Alternatively, please fill in our online enquiry form and one of our employment solicitors will be in touch with you shortly.