Drink Driving Legal Advice Can Be Invaluable

“The number of people arrested for drink driving shows little signs of reduction, and with recent news of celebrities being arrested for the offence we are constantly reminded of the impact that a conviction would have. The reality is that an allegation of driving with excess alcohol can be difficult for the Prosecution to prove in the Magistrates Court unless all of the procedures have been followed correctly. A specialist […]

HGV and LGV Driving Offences

Commercial motoring offences are no less serious than personal ones, and can result in job losses, financial penalties on the company involved, and removal of vehicles from the road – something few trucking and logistics companies can afford. Especially when dealing with things like tachograph and maximum driving hours offences, finding expert motoring solicitors can be difficult. Our team has the knowledge you need to get the best possible result […]

Is it Possible to Avoid Losing your Licence After Motoring Offences?

The short answer is maybe, and in some cases. If you’re facing the prospect of too many points on your licence or any one of the major motoring offences, losing your licence is a distinct possibility. Serious motoring offences, either drink or speed related or otherwise, can have significant consequences including loss of licence – it’s a common penalty. For many people driving is an absolute necessity and not a […]

What Happens if you Fail a Roadside Breath Test?

Drink driving is one of the most serious motoring offences and it carries heavy potential penalties – hefty prison sentences, fines, and licence bans. If you have failed a roadside traffic test, you have probably already been arrested and charged with a drink driving offence. You should have been taken to a police station and asked to provide further samples of breath, blood, or urine to further establish the exact […]

Choosing A Criminal Law Solicitor – Why Carter Moore?

The first thing you need to do if you’ve been charged with any offence is find a good solicitor. As you will be aware, the potential consequences of any legal action can be extremely severe. Put some time into finding the right solicitor, don’t just choose the first one you see in the phone book or online, or a friend of a friend who’ll do you a good deal. You’re […]

How Can A Specialist Road Traffic Solicitor Help?

There are about 30 million vehicles in the UK, which means that driving is central to the lives of a huge amount of people. The sheer fecundity of cars on UK roads means that, inevitably, there are bound to be motoring offences. Luckily, however, motoring solicitors, such as Carter Moore, have a wealth of experience in the field of road law, which means should the worst happen then you will […]

How Can Motoring Solicitors Help Me?

The UK roads are a minefield of potential motoring offences, which means that the role of a motoring solicitors has become central to an efficient legal system. If, heaven forbid, the worst should happen, your future would be in their hands. It is therefore essential that you choose motoring solicitors that are experienced and knowledgeable in road law, such as Carter Moore. Many of us use the roads everyday, which […]

Motoring Offences That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Nowadays there is much controversy regarding the prevalence of motoring offences, with many of motorists feeling victimized by motoring laws that seem engineered just to make money for the local council. However, with an awareness of what exactly is crime on a roads, it should make avoiding committing a crime that much easier. There are actually a considerable amount of motoring laws, all of which should be easy to follow […]

Psychological Personal Injuries

On the whole, personal injury is thought of as a physical term to describe wounds suffered as the result of an accident. However, it can also cover mental distress as well. Some of the most devastating personal injury cases occur when a person is affected psychologically as well as physically. Whilst it is relatively simple to recover from a broken bone or a cut to the skin, the treatment for […]

Appealing Criminal Convictions

Whilst the UK’s justice system brings adequate punishment in the majority of cases, there are occasions on which individuals are let down and could face imprisonment for an offence they did not commit. Criminal law is a complex matter, particularly in serious cases such as drug trafficking, murder and sexual offences. Trials for these types of cases are long and detailed, in order to ascertain an accurate judgement of guilt […]