David Seligman speaks to the BBC World Service about the Rules and Regulations behind International Call-ups

This week our Sports Lawyer David Seligman spoke to John Bennett of BBC World Service Sport. They discussed the rules and regulations behind international call-ups in the wake of Joel Matip’s refusal to join up with Cameroon ahead of the African Cup of Nations. David was quizzed as to the rules behind international call-ups and maintained that the law does seek protect international teams and cited the FIFA Regulations on the Transfer and Status of Players. […]

CM Sports Lawyer, David Seligman, featured in BBC Sport Article on the case of Denny Solomona

This week our Sports Lawyer David Seligman spoke to Andrew Aloia of BBC Sport, discussing the controversial cross code switch of Denny Solomona from Rugby League to Rugby Union. David was joined in the debate by Tony Collins, a world leader in both rugby codes from the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University, and Rob Wilson, a sport finance expert at Sheffield Hallam University. David was asked about […]

Part 3: Analysing the Legal Protection Afforded to Football Intermediaries Conducting International Transfers

Note that this article is the third in a series of three blogs analysing the legal protection afforded to football intermediaries conducting international transfers The National Courts Governing law and jurisdiction clauses in contracts will offer some certainty to Intermediaries. These clauses will typically state which Court is competent to hear a dispute and which law should be applied in determining such a dispute. These clauses tend to read as […]

Part 2: Analysis of the Legal Protection Afforded to Football Intermediaries Conducting International Transfers

This Blog is the 2nd in a 3 part series of blogs analysing the legal protection afforded to football intermediaries conducting international transfers   The FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries  The Regulations stipulate that national associations shall draw up their own regulations that shall incorporate the principles established in the Regulations.(1) The FA regulations do go further than the Regulations.  Rule A.3 of the FA regulations seeks to protect Intermediaries by explicitly […]

Part1: Analysis of the Legal Protection Afforded to Football Intermediaries Conducting International Transfers

Please note that this blog post is the first of three articles analysing the legal protection afforded to Football Intermediaries when dealing with international player transfers.   On the 1st April 2015 FIFA introduced major reforms in respect of the rules governing Licensed Football Agents. FIFA introduced the new Regulations on Working with Intermediaries (‘Regulations’) and so the Registered Intermediary replaced the ‘Football Agent’.  FIFA’s idea focused on handing power […]


Webscam Nightmares

In a recent episode of Black Mirror on Netflix, a teenage boy was blackmailed into carrying out a bank robbery after being filmed performing a sexual act via webcam. The blackmailers threatened to release the compromising video to the boy’s family if he failed to follow their instructions. Whilst Black Mirror is fiction and intended to be an exaggerated look at the future, reality has now caught up with imagination.  […]

Child Abuse: Football Scandal

The Footballer Abuse Scandal: Legal Implications Explained

I have written many blogs surrounding a wide range of legal issues in football. Never did I think I would be in a position where the sexual abuse of young footballers would be so prevalent that it would be worthy of a blog. It would appear that Andy Woodward, a childhood hero of mine as a young Bury F.C. fan, would expose the darkest secret in English football. Woodward bravely […]

Norovirus: A social Disease


The recent outbreak of the norovirus across the Wahaca restaurant chain highlights the ever present danger of eating out in public. The virus has spread across many of the restaurant’s outlets and affected over 300 people. Wahaca quickly closed down the places affected but the impact has been widespread. The norovirus hits quickly and is deeply unpleasant. Vomiting and diarrhea are the main symptoms. Feelings of cold, fever, cramp, headaches […]

Medical Negligence in Sports

Medical Negligence in Professional Sport

Last week former Tottenham Hotspur youth team player Radwan Hamed was reportedly awarded £7million in compensation after being left with brain damage after collapsing during a match in 2006. This result follows on from further high profile litigation in which former professional rugby union player Cillian Willis recently instigated legal proceedings against his former club Sale Sharks. For a professional sportsman (or anyone in fact) to have a chance of launching […]

Revenge Porn

Revenge Porn:

Avoiding Exposure Advances in digital technology have changed our world. Whilst these changes are mainly positive, there can also be a darker side to progress. There is no better example of this than revenge porn: a deadly combination of hi-tech and human emotion that is affecting more and more people. If you’re a victim (or are being threatened with revenge porn) then you need to know how to take control […]